Bridge the Gap   Sandra Lizioli
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  Communications Coaching: Getting your Message across with Clarity, Confidence & Conviction – the 3 Cs in Communication.

Have you ever listened to a presentation and asked yourself, ‘Where’s this going?” Your audience wants to know why you’re speaking to them. “What’s in for me?” If the WHY is not clear from the outset, you risk losing your audience’s attention and having your message fall on deaf ears.

When a prepared speaker stands tall, moves with purpose and speaks in an assertive voice we see, hear and feel their confidence. The opposite is also true. How prepared are you every time you get up to speak?

“Show me the evidence” is a common phrase we expect to hear in a court of law. It’s no different when we’re speaking. How can you convince your audience to believe in what you’re saying?

Why do I need a professional Coach?
It takes time, practice and in-depth feedback to go from being a good to great speaker. Speaking is a skill. Like all skills, practice makes perfect. As your professional coach, I will help you to draw out your key messages, to script content that is purposeful, clear and convincing to your audience and to use your body and voice to speak with confidence.

Where’s your communications gap?
Whether speaking impromptu in meetings or in front of a live audience on stage, professional coaching and constructive feedback in a safe environment will help you plan, prepare and present.


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